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Eyebrows $15                   
Bikini $35
French Bikini $50
Lip $10                             
Chin $10                           
Brazilian $75
Maintenance Brazilian $65
Full Face $35                   
Underarms $20               
Full arms $40                   
Haft arms $25
Full Legs $80
Haft Legs $45   
Toes $15
Chest & Stomach $60     
Back $65
*Maintenance Brazilian must be booked every 4-5 weeks*
*Allow Hair to grow out for 3-4 weeks prior to your wax*

Henna Brow Stain-
Henna will temporarily darken your skin and eyebrow hairs in a painless way so they're shaped every morning with no need for pencils or powders. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow to create the illuson of depth and fullness by visually filling in any sparseness. The results typically last between 2-4 weeks on skin and up to 5 weeks on the brow hairs!

Henna Brow (30 min) $35
Henna Brow & Wax (45 min) $45
Located within Visit Woodstone Wellness
2500 Watson Blvd
Endwell NY 13760

Please call or text to book your service!

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